Saturday, October 31, 2009


i added milk cult's project m-13 previously, here's some more by them to complete a big part of their discography, all fresh eac-ripped and scanned, except the bruse lee one, that's a rip i found. if you don't know them and like experiments in music you should definately have a try on all of these because none of them sounds the same :) (love god compared to novex is a day-night difference for sure, but both so nice)

novex - kleptophonica: kinda mix between milk cult and steel pole bath tub including the happiest song you've ever heard ;)

c.c. nova milk cult dispatch: most inaccessible one of the bunch, but related and so interesting, no idea of the exact name.. google and artwork say different names.

milk cult - burn or bury: a must have with guest appearances by mike patton and some guys from the good old neurosis on vocals

milk cult - love god: the first album by them i bought, kinda monotone industrial stuff, but it made me hungry for more

milk cult - bruse lee marvin gaye: insane collaboration recorded in japan with some japanese artists, been looking for this one for ages, since it's the only release i don't have this is a rip i found eventually

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  1. This would made my day, if the links were still active! hehe

    Awesome band and this post is just as awesome!
    Can't find a single working link, though..

    It would be too much to ask for you to re-upload those albuns, especially Burn or Bury?
    I would appreciate it very much!

    Thanks and congrats for the blog!